Pricey Players that didn’t do well this IPL

Pouring money down the drain behind the players is habitual in IPL now, but is it even sensible anymore?

Like other few sporting leagues, this league’s competition most definitely brings out the cheque books. This year too, the team owners were ostentatious at the auction frivolously for both established as well as recently developed players.
For what’s it worth, some of the players have done exceedingly well in this season, but a few couldn’t effectuate well. We listed down names of a few players who fell way short of expectations so far this season.


This spindly boy from Mumbai, known for his adroitness for hitting big shots, hit five sixes in a single over in the Ranji Trophy as well as the T20 Mumbai series, have earned him a fair amount of obloquy as a hard-hitter to be feared. In this season, he was picked up by RCB but we haven’t seen him perform well in the matches he has played so far.


Shivam Dube

Shivam Dube | Image Courtesy: Times Now


Rajasthan bought him back for INR 8.5 Crore for this season, after choosing to let him go in 2018. After five matches, he has gone missing from the playing XI, with an economy rate standing at not too flattering 10.76. Clearly, him coming back with a bang was wishful thinking. RR fans were left to cogitate on how else would have that chunk of money better spent.




After surprisingly spending 8.5 Crore on Varun Chakaravarthy, Punjab has only used him for one match so far. He is the team’s priciest purchase this year, but he has made the team pay a different type of cost and it’s not funny. But spending hefty amounts isn’t really a new thing in Zinta’s squad now, is it?


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